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About Landsberg & Son

Hatton Garden is famous the world over as the heart of the diamond trade, but few will know much of its history. The area takes its name from Sir Christopher Hatton who was born in 1540 and who was a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I. Elizabeth forced the Bishops of Ely to rent some of their land to Sir Christopher and the grounds of Ely Palace were duly granted to him. Part of the grounds included an orchard that would later become known as Hatton Garden.

Landsberg & Son, first occupied premises in Hatton Garden in the early 1920's but the firm's history dates back to its foundation in 1835 by Hirschfield Landsberg. Born in the year of Waterloo, 1815, the 20-year old Hirschfield Landsberg ventured to establish himself as a dealer in gold and silver plate as well as second hand jewels. He had a traditional lack of capital, but a superlative supply of pluck and ability. He travelled the country taking his stock with him and taking payment in gold, for few provincial jewellers had a bank account.

Hirschfield Landsberg prospered, but it was not roses all the way. In 1883 and in the days before commercial insurance was widely available, his entire stock was stolen and he literally had to start again.